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Instant IO-style PvP card battles! is an original game that offers an IO style casual gaming experience with fast on-boarding and fast sessions while incorporating the mechanics of collectible card games (CCG or TCG). Battle your foes in 2-3 minutes PvP card battles, unlock new cards, tweak your deck, jump in the next battle instantly, climb the persistent seasonal rankings (the score is based on your best winning streak!), customize your card back and proudly display your blazon!

How To Play

Simply click the Play button to go through a quick onboarding match against the friendly training bot. After completing the tutorial you will be able to battle other real players! As soon as you beat your first opponent you will get new cards in your deck, make sure you check them out (My Collection button) as they greatly improve your power for the next battle! Click on your opponents blazon to read info about them. Strategies and tips! Each turn your cards and the opponent cards (in hands) get more powerful so try to save your best resources for the ideal time and strike hard! TIP: Overload cards can transfer their energy to other Overload cards! Use them wisely! TIP: Armor is very important to prevent being one-shooted in the last game turns! TIP: You can earn tech cards that can save your life! Don't ignore them!

ioGround Proxy

The official ioGround proxy is a Chrome Extension that can be used to unblock so you can play at school or work. The proxy is similar to a VPN extension except it's optimized for unblocking .io games and only works on

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