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The new #1 Battle Royale IO Game Build, break, and eliminate opponents to upgrade your loot. Will you be the last one standing? In BuildRoyale there are 5 different rarities for weapons, gray is common, green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic, and gold is legendary. As you eliminate opponents, you can loot them to upgrade your inventory. Shotguns are used to fire a lot of bullets at one time and are good at close range. SMGs fire bullets quickly but their range is limited. The Scar and AR-15 are great medium-range weapons, however the AR-15 does slightly less damage but makes up for it in accuracy. The Scoped Assault Rifle is good for dealing damage at medium and long range and has a longer scoping radius than the regular assault rifles. The Rifle has 3 shots, does a large amount of damage, and is great for long-range combat. The Bolt has a single shot that when hit does an extremely large amount of damage, but you have to reload before being able to shoot it again. Also remember if you see bullets coming toward you, build!!!

How To Play

E/F - Interact with ground items and chests Left click - Shoot your weapon Right click - Scope to see enemies from further Q - Toggle build mode to build walls Space - Jump over walls and other obstacles Shift - Sprint R - Reload your weapon Tab - View and manage your inventory M - View the map and plan for the zone closing in Upon readying up, you will be put into a lobby. During the pre-game lobby you will be able to practice your building with 100 of each material, play soccer/basketball, and interact with the other people in the lobby. Once enough players have joined, you will be put into the actual match at a random spot on the map so you have to gear up by opening chests and picking up floor loot to start to eliminate opponents. Another important part about early game is gathering materials. Trees, tables, chairs, etc will give you wood, rocks give you brick, and only a couple items around the map give you metal, making it the rarest and most effective material to use. As the game progresses make sure to keep checking the map with M because the red storm will slowly be closing in. If you are caught in the storm you will take damage and that damage amount increases the longer the game goes, so getting caught in it at the beginning isn't a huge deal. Also make sure to stock up on heals in case you do get shot or caught in the storm. If you survive long enough, with enough building and shooting skills you could win the game or end up at a close second or third place. Will you be a Master Builder? Make sure to share BuildRoyale with your friends, this was a very large project to work on and we appreciate the support!


Q: Do they have more updates planned for or is this all that'll its going to be?
A: Check the discord, the developers are very active, here is what they just said: "We are aware that everyone wants: • Accounts which includes leaderboards and other stats • Skins • Keybinds • Better inventory management • Kill feed and stuff You can stop asking about them now thank you" More is coming, they are still working on it, give them time!

Q: is blocked at my school and i was really good i had 112 wins and screenshotted them all is there an alt website? can you make it a .com because my school always block .io!
A: proxy URLs are being worked on. There is also an official proxy site for too.

Q: Does anyone know if the devs are going to do anything like is doing with tournaments or like big competitive type game modes?
A: I remember seeing on the buildroyale discord, the dev posted a link for a competitive only discord: "We now have a Competitive server! You can join teams and compete in tournaments and pro scrims :) If you enjoy the game and you want some competition definitely check this out!"

Q: Who are the devs behind Did they also make other io games?
A: Yeah, the main dev is Mathew Matakovic and a guy named Joel. I think Mathew Matakovic goes by GoalieSave25 on twitter and reddit. Their game dev company is called goaliegames. And yes, according to his twitter they also made and finally!

Q: I'm making a Build Royale guide. How can I contact the creators of this game to show it to them?
A: Yeah, i think you're the same guy from reddit, just join their discord and tell them. The devs are really active on their discord. Link is in the game.

Q: What programming language framework did the devs use to make
A: I don't think they used a framework or anything, on the buildroyale discord, they mentioned that they made the assets in Photoshop and the game is programmed in JavaScript.

Q: Does anyone else feel like snipers are way too OP, I feel like that without a shield, I'll get 1-hitted by a sniper constantly.
A: In every chest you get 1 gun and 1 heal, you'll find either a shield, bandages, or a medkit if you look for them. Also, check the discord, the devs are pretty active on there.

Q: Is anyone finding buildroyale to be way off balance? I got 14 kills without building and 2 12 kill wins without building on my first day playing this game, because I have decent aim
A: Nice humblebrag. But i think the devs are working on balance a bit. There are also some relatively urgent bugs that need to be fixed as well.

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